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What we offer

Data Engineering

We gather all your disparate data sources in one place, making them easily queryable. Whether they’re in Excel, a business system or in another database we will use our proprietary ETL tool to build a reliable and cost-effective process that will give you documented and trustworthy data to work from.

Data Science

We help you answer key questions about your customers and business, ranging from “How are your customers orders grouped?” to “How can we reliably predict who our best customers will be?” and anything in between. We’re experts in the latest statistical and machine learning techniques and guide you in how to best implement them in your business in order to generate results.


High frequency and accurate KPIs can be the lifeblood of your business, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions. We will build reports, in the visualization package of your choice, giving you the ability to see how your business is performing, where you need to intervene and areas where you have opportunities to drive growth.

Our Technologies

Featured Clients


"We are a small e-commerce startup that has some unique needs for data analysis. Konrad and his team have been invaluable in helping us get set up with our data analytics and visualization. We initially hired him to build a simple dashboard of metrics for us using Redshift and Tableau. The project went very well, and we ended up hiring him on an ongoing basis to do significantly more work for us. One of the great things about Konrad is that he is capable of an enormous range of tasks - setting up the database, configuring AWS, building pipelines, installing Tableau Server - while at the same time being able to understand high level concepts about what sort of data we need to look at in our company, and how to visualize it in a way that is most useful. We wanted to hire him full time, but unfortunately, he is committed to building Impakt Advisors. With his team there, he is truly a great resource and we plan to continue working with them."

- Michael Ferchak, COO & Co-Founder, Public Goods

"The Impakt Advisors team performed a detailed review process of our ideas at our founding and helped us parse out the best ones, develop a model with statistical proof of concept, assisted with structuring our operations, and identified concrete market and revenue generating opportunities that helped empower us to set and achieve our objectives... [They] did an exemplary job of listening to our company’s concerns, and identifying opportunities and I'm happy to recommend the services of Impakt Advisors. The concepts we developed have proven to lead to sales growth and the opening of new markets and opportunities for my business."

- Michael Blunt, Co-Founder & CEO, The C3 Method

"It’s rare that you work with such a sharp mind...Konrad would be an asset to any project dealing with complex logic and data and comes with my wholehearted recommendation."

- Aashish Arora, Executive Director, KPMG

"The easy access to communication, timely progress reports, and thorough notes are unmatched."

- Jack Louis, President, Fat Tire Tours

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